What Does A Brand Represent?

This signage is perhaps today a common brand, located on the banks of Jalan Tun Razak, covered in the dust, wet in the rain and heat up under the sun.

And so are the business obstacles that have their own seasons. Many people when it comes to building a business they dream of owning their own building. By owning a building, it symbolizes the prestige and reputation of the owned business brand.

Admittedly owning a building is one of the investment strategies that will allow for an increase in the value of the asset. For us at ACGAS, our most important asset is when people in Malaysia choose to use our LPG composite cylinders.

This is not an easy task and certainly involves challenges.

We need strong team support, which supports our business values. The ACGAS team consists of various levels ranging from ACGAS management, distributors and suppliers and to our vendors.

We will support and cooperate with each other to ensure that every single LPG composite cylinder of ACGAS brand will be in the residential and commercial user premises. With a market size of LPG cylinders usage in Malaysia at average of 120 million a year, we are optimistic about controlling 10% of the market size.