Organization Structure

Astana City Group root from various sections lead by Mr. Shamsudin Abd Hamidd as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nik Mohd Fareez Nik Ahmad as Managing Director, assist by Mr. Muhammad Adib Che Anuar as Operation Manager and Mr. Ahmad Fizee Mohd Samri as Assistant Operation Manager.

About Us

Private limited company in LPG Composite Cylinder

If you are looking for reliable LPG products which offer great quality life experience, then Astana City Group Sdn Bhd has the solution. Hailing from East Coast of Malaysia, we bring you Korean’s latest technology to provide economical and security solution to your home. We also specialized in delivering our LPG product to encourage your business operation in order to support Malaysia LPG industry rapid growth.

ACG was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company. ACG was founded on 9 May 2016 and our major business is Oil & Gas

Vision & Mission

Explore business oppurtunity and innovation in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Industry

ACG is an organization which involve in LPG Trading, LPG Bottling Plant and RC RQ service in LPG industry, providing highly competent product and service which economic and eco-friendly. We aim to be one of the main business players in Malaysia LPG industry Deliver quality service is our organization pioneer. Our targer is to conquer 20% of market share in LPG Bottling industry

Our Business

ACG Sdn Bhd takes the first step to flourish in LPG industry by involving in LPG trades, bottling plant and sole distributor for composite cylinder. In order to achieve our vision to be one the main business player in this industry, ACG also provide recondition and requalification (RC RQ) service to other refilling company in Malaysia.

ACG would built an empire into LPG business by selling up one (1) LPG terminal, four (4) LPG bottling plant for composite cylinder and RC RQ plant, and 12 distributor warehouses in 12 different states in Peninsular Malaysia

Our Services

Venturing in production of LPG composite cylinder
Provide services:

1. Trading LPG – Shipment domestic & international
2. Refilling Plant + RC/RQ
3. Distribution